November 30, 2010

"Yasmeena was raped thrice in a Single night by these bastards"

The Heir of the Kashmir Conflict. Shahid Nabi writes his ordeal of living in the horrendous years in his hometown Sopore, which even today is the bastion of Freedom Activities in Kashmir.

The night was not peaceful but it was good, in the morning I woke up and saw that the whole compound of my home has turned into a sea of blood. I cried as much as I could. I called for help, but none came to my rescue. I stepped forward like a paralysed person as I found my dearest Sons and Daughters slaughtered. It was a case of indiscriminate massacre. Yes, the only way to help myself at that time was to shed tears, tears, tears, tears, tears, ……….. I was lost in tears. The cold blooded murderers said that they have massacred seventy thousand of my beloved sons and daughters, but being the mother I could count them by their names. I knew that I have lost more than one lakh. Still managed strength as it was not new for me, had saw all this happen to my home for more than a sixty years. I arranged for the shroud for my beloved sons, daughters, who were martyred by the ruthless, shameless, beasts, and cowards, (read as Indian security forces). I cremated their remains, but I knew they are not dead, as Allah says in the Quran, “………Count not those who were slain in God’s way as dead, but rather living with their Lord, by Him provided, rejoicing in the bounty that God has given them……..” (Quran 03:164). They are the martyrs, and I am sure their sacrifice won’t go in vain.

There was a temporary period of quiet, but that did not last long. As now again my sons are being martyred every now and then. These military personnel kill them because they are Kashmiri, because they are Muslims, because presence of my sons terrorizes them, because they want freedom, because they want to live the life of tranquillity, because they want dignity, because they don’t want the validation of the killing in the valley, because they want their rights to be given to them, because they want that no pagan should rule the Muslims and many a more. But India won’t listen to them, instead will instruct forces to massacre my children. But my children are not afraid of them. They never were nor will they be in the future. They will fight till their last breath. I know that I don’t have any sort of weapons to give them to fight these cowards. But I am proud to provide them with the only available arsenal of stones to fight the coward beasts with sophisticated guns in their hands, I know they will kill my sons, but they will die to live forever and despatch these security persons to hell to taste the eternal torment.

I know the ghastly views of my beloved sons being martyred and carried in the coffins would never let me sleep again, but the presence of the Indian security forces here had given sleepless nights to my daughters since the night my eight year old daughter “YASMEENA WAS RAPED THRICE IN A SINGLE NIGHT BY THESE BASTARDS”

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